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Adaptive Medicine is a blind peer-reviewed, and open access quarterly journal. It is an international academic journal that disseminates novel knowledge in adaptive changes occurring in response to different environmental factors, exercise training, hypoxia, temperature change, microgravity various pathological conditions or drug administration. Its principle aim is to further the understanding of the basic mechanisms of adaptations at molecular, cellular, and physiological levels as well as at the level of complex interactions responsible for the integrated control of body functions. Another objective consists in the better understanding of dismissed adaptations responsible for disease development. Finally, studies of different cross-adaptations continue to receive increasing attention as it was demonstrated that repeated exposure to specific stress stimuli may have applications in the treatment and prophylaxis of different diseases. These observations lead to the recognition of a new discipline of adaptive medicine which offers promise for therapeutic strategies in both experimental and clinical pathology.


Adaptive Medicine is comprised of the following sections related to human movement sciences:

Adaptation to Exercise 
Adaptation to High Altitudes
Adaptation to Hypoxia: Molecular, Cellular, and Systemic Studies
Cerebro- and Cardio-protective Adaptations to Intermittent Hypoxia
Adaptive Mechanism of Immune System
Adaptagen and Nutriceutical
Adaptation to Oxidative Stress
Adaptation to Space 
Adaptation to Temperature Changes
Aging, Coping, and Adaptation
Cell Therapy to Restore Function: Repair or Regeneration
Circulatory and Tissue Fluid Balance Adaptation in Microgravity
Endothelial Function and Lymphatic Transport
Environmental Stress and Genetic Pathways
New Adaptation in Drug Delivery to Target Tissues
Rodox-Induced Adaptation Mechanisms in Vascular System
Signaling Pathways Involved in Adaptive Cardiac Hypertrophy and Apoptosis
Therapeutic Approaches for Addressing Ventricular Remodeling and Heart Failure
Tissue Engineering in Cardiac Repair from Bench to Bedside
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Society of Adaptive Science in Taiwan

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